Brief History

Muharraq Engineering Services is a family owned company which was initially established in the year 1964 by Mr. AHMED EBRAHIM ENGINEER who is currently the Chairman and Proprietor of the combined Muharraq Engineering Group of Companies.

Mr. Ahmed Ebrahim initially recieved his technical education in the State of Bahrain and after graduating he joined the Bahrain Petroleum Company whereon he attained a higher proficiency level in the field of technical engineering expertise and its application.

During nineteen forties he started a small freelance contracting business in combination with several international companies undertaking Diesel Engine repairs and Marine Works which was the footnote for starting the Machine shop Workshop in 1964, and now the subsequent successfull group of Engineering Companies based in Mina Sulman Industrial Area and South Alba (Ra's Zuwayyid).

From the Companies inauguration in 1964 and following the company’s rapid expansion to meet the growing infrastructure within the Water/ Electricity/ Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generations, And Marine Industries. Mr. Ahmed Ebrahim further expanded the companies engineering capacities by designing, manufacturing and installing Heavy Plant and Machinery to increase the Engineering Workshop Scopes of work.

Following the company's growth 'Mr. Ahmed Ebrahim' initiated Directorship and shared Management responsibilities to his sons 'Mr. Ebrahim Ahmed ' , 'Mr. Farooq Ahmed' and "Mr. Sameer Ahmed', which through their comprehensive knowledge and skills has resulted in the today well organized and profitable group of Muharraq Companies.

After His Retirement, The overall diversity of the company business activities are all carried out under the leadership of His Successors ('Mr. Ebrahim Ahmed ' , 'Mr. Farooq Ahmed' and "Mr. Sameer Ahmed') which calls for competency, liaison and precision work. This task is achieved with the professional co-operation and support of all MES staff whose dedication portrays priority on meeting the high market quality of engineering standards and client satisfaction.

Muharraq Engineering Group of Companies


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